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Always looking for something new and interesting in the world of computers. I build clouds and applications on top of them. System administrator at Eucalyptus. I tend to break things but learn more about them by putting them back together (sometimes they’re better after being broken and fixed too).

Linux user for the past 10 years and trying to live on the command line as much as possible. Currently using Arch and Debian but bring along RHEL/CentOS and Fedora on my wild ride.

I love system automation and try to do as little work as possible because my computer can do most of it for me. Currently enjoying python and fabric but I am playing with puppet. Using Cobbler and its XMLRPC API to automate bare metal installations and boto with cloud-init and fabric to automate my virtual deployments on Eucalyptus.

I’m more of a generalist than a specialist. I of course do have subjects that I know more about than others as that is always needed. I believe that the more you know the better off you will be when trying to solve a problem. Only knowing how to do something one way is never a good thing and will handicap your abilities to fix problems.

You can find me on Freenode in #eucalyptus as cpt_yesterday. You can email me at ( ahamilton55 [at] gmail {dot} com ), hit me up on twitter @ahamilton55 or leave a comment on this blog!

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